Top 16 Beautifully Horned Animals

The Bighorn Sheep live in mountainous areas and use their hooves to climb rocks. They are herbivores and eat grass, leaves, and other plants. The Nyala is native to the Eastern side of South Africa and is also a member of the antelope family.

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Instead of bone, they are made from hard cartilage with a layer of skin . The great and lesser horned owls are North American members of the genus Bubo. The “horns” after which they are named aren’t horns at all, but tufts of feathers which project upwards either side of the bird’s heads. Once found in vast herds, the saiga was heavily hunted until just one thousand individuals remained.

  • Almost all animals with horns are herbivores, which means they eat vegetation.
  • There are living people, several in China, with cases of cutaneous horns, most common in the elderly.
  • The male of the gerenuk species weighs more than the female.
  • White-tail deer and mule deer are very similar in size, shape, and antler growth.
  • There are hundreds of animals out there that have incredibly detailed horns but we personally believe these are the top of the line, best examples that deserve to be noted.
  • In dreams vermin may represent the enforced contemplation of something that is unnecessary or that has invaded one’s spacc.

While male markhors live alone outside of the mating season, females and young live in small herds. Their coats appear light brown or black and vary in length over the course of the year. On average, they stand between 26 to 45 inches tall and weigh between 71 and 243 pounds. Although both males and females grow horns, male horns grow much larger. The horns connect at the head and corkscrew tightly up and outward. If straightened, male horns can measure up to 63 inches long, while female horns measure much smaller.

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It is blown each morning during the month of Elul, and to mark the end of the day of fasting on Yom Kippur, once the services have been completed in the evening. In Talmudic times it was also blown to introduce Shabbat. At the inception of the diaspora, during the short-lived ban on playing musical instruments, the shofar was enhanced in its use, as a sign of mourning for the destruction of the temple. The declaration of the ban’s source was in fact set to the music itself as the lamentation “Al Naharoth Bavel” within a few centuries of the ban. The black wildebeest is analogous however a lot darker throughout. From a distance, it seems black, however, at the nearer inspection, it’s really brown.

Real Springbok Horns

But sadly many of them are on the verge of being endangered or are already critically endangered. We need to be careful of the scenario and protect their habitat to safeguard the ecosystem and create perfect harmony. Scientifically known as Saiga tatarica the species belongs to the family Bovidae. The adult can grow upto 38 kg and the species is listed as critically endangered.

It would also be used to bind feathers and equipment together. These proteins form a molecular bond with the glued object. Conventionally, keratin glues, while made from animal parts like horns and hooves, are not considered “animal glue”s as they are not collagen glues. Wild animals in dreams represent our basic instincts and urges such as lust, fear and anger – the deep emotions that we are taught to repress.

Bulls’ horns can measure seven or eight feet from tip to tip. They stand 4 to 5 feet (1.2 to 1.5 meters) tall, and their weight ranges from 800 to almost 2,000 pounds . Though deer don’t have great eyesight, they can run up to 30 miles an hour and have been recorded jumping upwards of 15 feet (4.6 meters). Additionally, they can weigh between 150 and 400 pounds .

Animals With One Horn

We also accept sponsored posts, and feel free to reach us on if you are interested in working with us. Enter your email in the box below to get the most mind-blowing animal stories and videos delivered directly to your inbox every day. The phenomenon of humans with horns has been observed in countries lacking advanced medicine. There are living people, several in China, with cases of cutaneous horns, most common in the elderly. We hope that you’ve discovered some interesting animals with names beginning with U on this page.