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Bitcoin Cash has the exact same number of coins as Bitcoin, with the total BCH supply counting 21 million coins. Its current circulating supply counts just over 18.5 million coins, around 89% of the total supply. Due to its code being so similar to Bitcoin’s code, the two cryptocurrencies have much in common. The way a user operates Bitcoin Cash is no different from a user operating Bitcoin. The fork that resulted in Bitcoin Cash occurred due to concerns about the scalability of Bitcoin. A growing number of patrons are choosing Bitcoin Cash as a preferred payment method.

what is bitcoincash

In the first quarter of 2022, Bitcoin regularly recorded 250,000 or more transactions per day, compared to only about 50,000 for Bitcoin Cash. Due to its much lower price, Bitcoin Cash is popular with new crypto investors looking for a more affordable alternative to Bitcoin. In this Bitcoin Cash guide, we’ll cover what it does and whether it’s worth buying. Decentralized currency with a limited supply and irreversible transactions.

Lightning Strikes: The Rapid Growth of the Bitcoin Lightning Network Payments

If you want to buy Bitcoin Cash, you can easily do it on the Changelly exchange. Regardless of the technological advantages and disadvantages of each chain, neither Bitcoin nor Bitcoin Cash can succeed without adoption. The success of each remains dependent on how many people and institutions decide to use them. As of May 2022, there was more than $23 million in total locked value on the smartBCH chain, with the biggest platforms being BenSwap and MistSwap.

SegWit would allow more Bitcoin transactions per block by removing signature data, shrinking them by as much as 65%. The move was strongly opposed by a minority group of Bitcoin miners and developers who felt it didn’t go far enough to address the network’s scalability problems. The Bitcoin Network was humming along for its first several years of existence, letting users send or receive funds quickly and inexpensively exactly as designed. However some fundamental limitations of the network became more apparent over the years as Bitcoin’s popularity sharply increased. This led to a highly contentious move by network participants in 2017 that quite literally split not only the community, but the Bitcoin blockchain itself. In the wake of the resulting controversy, an entirely new cryptocurrency was created, Bitcoin Cash .

what is bitcoincash

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What Is Bitcoin Cash?

As a fork of Bitcoin, BCH also uses the Proof of Work consensus mechanism to issue new coins. In practice, though, the average block size of BCH only surpassed 1 MB a few times since 2017. We can see a comparison between BTC and BCH average block size at

  • Bitcoin Cash is being assertively promoted for its convenience and use as a currency.
  • Spread bets and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.
  • The first miner to do so can confirm a block of transactions and add it to the blockchain.
  • As a result, one group continues to operate under the same rules, while the other branches off and generates a new blockchain with an updated software setup.

Spread betting and CFDs allow you to trade on both rising and falling prices. You don’t have to own bitcoin cash in order to ‘sell’ it with us, which is not possible on cryptocurrency exchanges. Forks within bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not uncommon, however, a common consensus will usually be reached over which blockchain to use.

How Crypto Holders Choose to Short Bitcoin

In terms of long-term investment, Bitcoin is still the most valuable cryptocurrency in the market, but, of course, that doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Once you’re purchased Bitcoin Cash, hold your coins as an investment in a crypto wallet, exchange them for other coins, or use them for transactions. Bitcoin cash uses a new algorithm which helps to ensure the blockchain functions as normal should the number of miners change dramatically.

This means there was a need to have more miners to lend their hash power to make more blocks. Hash power refers to the computing power used by miners to create blocks. The hash war never resolved, so they diverged into two separate currencies. The main reason this occurred is because the amount of data that can be processed was limited to 1 MB per block. Since fees are paid as a way to have one’s transaction prioritized, it meant that fees were increasing to ensure that transactions were confirmed.

However, the majority of network users rejected the proposal, resulting in the first “hard fork” of the Bitcoin blockchain. This split of the original Bitcoin blockchain led to the creation of Bitcoin Cash, a new cryptocurrency with its own blockchain and its own scalability specifications. Since the hard fork, the Bitcoin Cash block size has grown to 32MB, allowing for even speedier and cheaper transactions.